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Senior Manager, Technical Production
Old Navy, July 2002 – Present
1 Manager & highly skilled Technical Production Artist with superb Adobe Illustrator skills 2 Manage freelance artists 3 Lead team members through major brand campaigns 4 Design and develop brand fonts 5 Promote consistent campaign and brand specs 6 Provide excellent cross-functional support to all business partners
7 Work diligently with Art Directors to ensure their creative work is accurately finalized and is reflective of their original vision
Clients: In-Store Marketing, Advertising, Packaging, Store Operations

Graphic Designer
Pickett Advertising, February 2002 – July 2002
1 Proficient artisan of production with the highest technical and typographical standards 2 Flawlessly executed daily design and production tasks
3 Worked closely with Senior Art Directors and Creative Director to deliver
engaging designs in a timely manner 4 Provided agency partners with technical expertise for design software
Clients: Longs Drugs, 21st Century Insurance, E-loan

Electronic Production Artist
Publicis & Hal Riney, April 1998 – February 2002
1 Upheld uncompromising level of technical accuracy and typographical standards on all mechanicals 2 Understood needs of each client and how to execute work
in their favor 3 Provided consistent, positive support to all business partners
4 Inspired confidence in Art Directors that their creative work would be translated flawlessly to the final medium
Clients: Saturn Automobiles, Sprint PCS, Hewlett-Packard, Siebel, America West, First Union Bank, GM EV1 Automobiles, Mirage Resorts, Webvan

Graphic Designer
Freelance, June 1994 – April 1998
1 Conceptualization and production of design solutions 2 Digital image color correction and manipulation 3 Prepped artwork for web use 4 Photography
and illustrations
Clients: Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Apple Computer, Genentech, Pacific Bell, Mitsubishi Automobiles, Honda Automobiles, Paramount, Warner Bros., Miramax, Dimension, Sony Picture Classics

Layout Designer
Celebrator Beer News, December 1994 – June 1995
1 Front page/interior spread design and layout 2 Digital image color correction
and manipulation 3 Advertisement design

1 Highly motivated, ambitious, detail oriented team player with the commitment, philosophy, attitude and sense of humor necessary to excel in any creative environment 2 Understand the intricacies and importance of great typography
3 Educational and technical resource for business partners 4 Continually advance quality of work 5 Love for the entire design process 6 Over 20 years experience in production, graphic design, pre-press and digital imaging 7 Deadline and detail oriented 8 Effectively manage freelancers and vendors 9 Lead Artist on projects
10 Technology support and troubleshooting 11 Comps/Mock-ups 12 Proficient in Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat, Flash, Dreamweaver, FontLab

California State University, Hayward
B.A. in Mass Communication with option in advertising.
Additional course work: graphic design, public relations, marketing and journalism.
Degree earned: August,1993